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We are experienced as far as our tank construction and production are concerned. Our products, fulfilling strict safety and customer requirements, are characterised by modern solutions and high resistance.
       The construction, production technology, machines and technical equipment used in production, being worked out in SIMATRA , guarantee a good quality of products which is maintained by using control procedures for materials and components and supervising the production technological process. Thanks to this, we can be proud of the production of tanks with elliptic section, being the only firm in the Republic of Poland and one of the three firms in European Union. These tanks are very good in terms of driving because of their low-situated centres of gravity.
       Materials and components used for tank production come from well-known deliverers of European Union.
       According to our customer needs we also produce aluminium-type tanks.
       Considering our high product quality and according to our analyses, we have also competitive prices comparing to other tank producers.