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SIMATRA offers a broad range of services including:

  1. Repair of road tankers and semi-trailers for transporting fuel, gases, spirit, cement, chemicals and others:
    • major repair,
    • accessory repair,
    • truck repair. 
  2. Tank modernisation:
    • assembly of loading low-situated system, 
    • assembly of hermetic system, 
    • assembly of ABS and EBS system, 
    • painting of tanks and chassis, 
    • assembly of distribution and measurement system,
    • other modernisation services. 
  3. Tank preparation for TDT acceptance:
    • external revisions,
    • internal revisions.
  4. Repair of tanks and trailers involved in accidents.
  5. Running repairs of tanks and trailers.
  6. Repair and modernisation of semi-trailers and trailers:
    • major repairs,
    • accessory repairs.
  7. Services within the range of:
    • polling of the sheet from 350 to 3000 mm of section and 3-12 mm in gauge,
    • producing the bottoms from 900 to 3200 mm in section and 3-12 mm in gauge,
    • sand blasting of elements,
    • welding of elements and constructions,
    • painting and varnishing,
    • turning and milling.